I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.

My Darling


When you were inside me, my little ladybug,

You’d roll and kick, push and tug.

When I was near others I’d always be strong,

And pray to God the statistics were wrong.

Tell me darling, that it’s gonna be alright.

Hug me darling, give me a kiss goodnight.


Then I’d drive around, tears falling down my face,

What’s happening inside you that I can’t replace?

I want to fix you so that you can stay,

Helplessness takes hold, takes my breath away.

Tell me darling, that it’s gonna be alright.

Hug me darling, give me a kiss goodnight.


‘She’s the picture of health,’ people say about you,

My heart squeezes tightly, hoping it’s true.

All I can do, is everything I can do,

And hope it’s enough to make this day through.

Tell me darling, that it’s gonna be alright.

Hug me darling, give me a kiss goodnight.


4 thoughts on “My Darling

  1. Querida Katie Schulz el mejor regalo para los hijos se llama: TIEMPO y Tú le das ese TIEMPO – TU TIEMPO que no tiene valor, que solo tiene AMOR. No hay palabras para expresar, eres un ser muy especial, enseñas diariamente el verbo amar, educas con amor y cariño, nos enseñás cómo es la vida, a luchar con todas las fuerzas por lo que AMAMOS, sos fuente inagotable de amor, brindas besos, abrazos, caricias y protección, te mando un fuerte abrazo.

    Deseo compartir este poema, no es el día de la Madre pero vos te mereces festejarlo todos los días:

    Dedicado a todas aquellas madres
    Incondicionales que dedican su vida
    A favor de aquel ser que tanto aman.

    Dan ternura, amor y sacrificio,
    Ejemplos de vida y fortaleza.

    Los que la tengan aún con vida
    Ámenla hasta el final de sus días.

    Mujer, ella es madre y buena amiga,
    A todas ellas debemos honrar.
    Diariamente agradece que te dio vida.
    Rodéala con un beso y un abrazo
    En este día, a tu madre, que es especial.

    Poema publicado en el libro “Una mujer, un mar en calma” de Arjona Delia.

  2. I understand your words & feelings behind your words. Well said.

  3. Sophia’s Tribute to Her Mom for all the love and care that she gives her:


    Cares the mother for the baby which in her womb to life springs,
    And when wrapped in the warmth of her arms it clings to her breast,
    Seeking what gives it life and makes it unceasingly thrive.
    Life’s bond remains strong not through change severed.

    Newly awaken eyes seek the time tested gaze
    Of the one who behind the scenes and on the world stage
    Is central to its being like the sun is to the orbiting stars and planets,
    Distinct they are but with mysterious bonds attached to what makes them shine.

    Like the enchanting music of an orchestra never ceases to amaze:
    How in the multiplicity of sounds there seems to be but one chord.
    Such are the mothers in nature’s astounding variety of forms,
    Expressing the sameness and rich variety in life’s boundless pool.

    Not for one year only she is the best Mom which I will ever know
    But every moment since on the world’s stage I set my feet.
    During the day she is like that sun which maintains all that lives,
    And in the night she is like the moon that in tranquility and peace
    Let us all comfortably in our cozy beds rest and sleep.
    (from Letter 2 to Sophia)


  4. To borrow an idea from the Lyrics Guardian Angel by Leah West, Sophia has found in you her Guardian Angel Mother:

    “Little baby up in heaven says to God,
    ‘Do I really have to go?’
    God replies, ‘Yes, it’s your time to leave
    But don’t you worry you won’t be there alone.

    Everyone is born with a Guardian Angel,
    And on her wings she’ll let you soar
    Higher than you thought was possible.
    She’ll love you and protect you like no other,
    And your Guardian Angel has a name,
    You can call her Mother”.

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