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The Space-time Continuum

The days really do seem to be passing by fast. I’m pretty sure I haven’t aged in the past 15 years, so I can’t quite believe that in that time I’ve completed an Undergrad degree, a Masters degree, met and married the man of my dreams, and had 2 kids… who are already 5 and 3. The only hint of my increasing age is a few wrinkles, a few extra pounds, a few extra months to get over injuries, and this rapidly aging family of mine.

Seriously, how do I slow down time? Sophia has a wiggly tooth. I think I’m probably the only parent EVER to have a child with her first wiggly tooth, and I’m SO excited about it. Something about shedding temporary childhood and entering permanent adulthood. Until I experienced this excitement first-hand, I would have thought that I would be, at best, a little grossed out by bloody teeth falling out and being replaced by presents under a pillow.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Sophia also started riding a bike without training wheels! Away she goes, independently riding down the street, wind blowing her hair, big smiles and a few scraped up knees and elbows.

As the years go by, all I can hope is that the thread of love that binds us together never gets frayed or worn.

I’m going to go and give her a big hug.

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Summer Road Map

Some people let life happen around them. They are content to sit quietly and learn from other’s mistakes. They are cautious.

Then there are those who make life happen. They need experiences to help them learn. They are not cautious.

Summer vacation started just one week ago. Already Simon has 4 large scrapes on his knees. Some were from running too fast (how do you know how fast you can run until you run too fast?). Some were from riding a 2-wheeler (yes he’s only 3, but did you think that would stop him?). He has 2 gouges on his foot from finding the only bolt sticking out of a swinging bench. He has a gash on his chin, 3 swollen fingers, and a bloody mouth from falling out of a bed (he was sure he could reach the bedside lamp switch).

Simon is a road map to our summer fun.

I’m more than a little scared to think about his teenage years.

Then there’s Sophia. She’s only legitimately worn a band-aid 3 times in her life. If she trips on something she avoids it next time (Simon will practice stepping on said item until he masters his balance and no longer trips). These two kids couldn’t be more different.

And yet they are the best of friends. They can spend hours blowing bubbles and playing at the park.

Happy Summer everyone!