I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.

Countdown to Kindergarten


As I count down the days until Sophia’s first day in Junior Kindergarten, I feel many conflicting emotions. Trepidation, Excitement, Thankfulness.

Trepidation. At home, Sophia lives within my locus of control. I know what she eats, how much she drinks, how often she uses the bathroom. I can help explain to her peers why she swallows so many pills. I can protect her. In September I will be forced to start the process of letting go. I hope that I have prepared her for some of the challenges she will face. I feel trepidation.

Excitement. My girl is growing up. Sophia is a bright little girl who loves to learn. I have no doubt that she will do just fine academically. She likes to make new friends and is quickly learning how to play cooperatively with others. I will get to watch her mind open up to new ideas, question the world around her. I can’t wait to hear about all her adventures! I feel excitement.

Thankfulness. I am so happy that Sophia was born in 2009 and not fifty years ago. In the 1960s most children with cystic fibrosis never made it to kindergarten. I can’t fathom it. My heartbreak would consume me. Sophia fills me with love I never knew possible. I am thankful.

Only 15 more sleeps!


3 thoughts on “Countdown to Kindergarten

  1. Well said on behalf of all ‘CF’ Moms!!!


  2. Some of the thoughts that might cross Sophia’s mind on her first day of school (substitute Haddy for puppy):

    The First Day of School

    I wonder if my drawing will be as good as theirs
    I wonder if they’ll like me, or just be full of stares
    I wonder if my teacher will look like mom or gram
    And I wonder if my puppy will wonder where I am.

    Aileen Fisher

  3. Dear Best Mom,
    All changes are some difficult, but is the way to grow. I can not imagine how you are feeling, but encourage you be in peace because the Blessed Mother and Sophia´s Angel will protect her specially when you will not be phisically close to her in school time. Sophia and all her family are in my prayers. Thanks for your great Mom example.

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