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A Loose Spring

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Last week, as we welcomed in the Spring season along with flurries and windchills, I felt hopeful for the promise of warmer weather. I know that where I live means that winter usually lasts closer to 6 months than 3, but I have friends who live in the far north of our country and have much chillier weather than that. I also know that come March 20th I have been given license to act like a crazy Canuck. I will wear capri’s even if there’s still snow on the ground. I have retired my winter jacket and will refuse to bring it out again, no matter how far below zero the thermometer drops. The BBQ will get used on every sunny day. I will send my husband outside in a t-shirt. He will have an ice-cold beer in his hand. We will also share this insanity with our children. Last weekend, it was 2 degrees Celsius, but my husband had our daughter out on the trails with her new bike. She looked chilly but happy when she got home. We know that warmer weather is bound to come soon.

Yay Canada (I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else)!

Happy Spring Everyone!


One thought on “A Loose Spring

  1. Neither would I want to live anywhere else. Before settling in Canada 43 years ago I have lived in close to a dozen different countries. Whenever people ask me would I want to go back to live in any one of them, my answer is one: only if they were in Canada!

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