I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.


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My  husband and I have been planning our camping trips for this summer. I’ve been thinking a lot about landscapes. I’m at my happiest sitting on a rock looking out on a calm lake, listening to the loon’s call echo across the water. Better still, I am sitting next to my hubbie, enjoying some hot chocolate, watching the sun set. The winter blahs are making me day dream about warm summer nights. As I sit here longing for nicer weather, the realistic side of my brain tells me I’m going to have to wait a few more months. Blah.

Maybe I could ponder landscapes in a different way to while away the cold dreary days. That might be more constructive than all-out depression. First, maybe I’ll think about other people’s lives. I imagine a corporate-type who works long hours, doesn’t see her family very often, and although she is happy with her career, she feels as though she is cramming her family into the empty spaces. This, to me, would look like tall office buildings on a cool and rainy day. Hopping over puddles to make it to work on time, a city bus drives by and soaks me from head to toe. That’s not the sort of landscape that appeals to me. Clearly.

How would I describe my life? Each day is filled with two little kids. There’s an overall sense of ordered chaos. I’m often exhausted by the end of the day. There is a schedule. I usually feel like I’m herding kittens. There are really awesome moments scattered throughout. I think this would look like an orienteering race. There are checkpoints (naptime, dinner, bedtime). There’s no clear way from one to the next. Most of the time it’s tough slogging through the underbrush. Sometimes we get stuck in raspberry bushes, or have to trudge through a swamp. Sometimes there are open trails to run along. There are always moments of beauty. The waterfall between checkpoints 3 and 4. The cool-looking snake you jump over while leaping from one rock to the next. The trilliums in bloom. The finish line.

What’s the landscape of your life? Is it a still picture, or is it constantly changing? Where are you when you’re the happiest? Hold onto this image. I’m holding onto mine. It will get me through the bleak winter and into my favourite season ☺


One thought on “Landscapes

  1. A human landscape is an ever changing and living reality, where the only constant is change. In the words of an ancient Greek thinker, all reality is more like a stream into which you cannot step in twice. For no sooner you step in, ever-new waters flow on you.

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