I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.

Growing Up


It always amazes me that in 9 short months (though for the pregnant woman it can seem like the longest 9 months ever), two cells divide into millions and a living, breathing human being is created. It amazes me in equal fashion that these beings remain dependent on their parents for almost 2 decades (longer in some cases, I’m told). But when you break it down into days, months, and years, there is constant progress. Every day I am thrilled that my 21-month old son has learned a new word (so far they’ve all been good ones… except maybe ‘MINE’ and ‘NO’). Yesterday my 4-year old Sophia aced several categories of Brain Age, and spelled both ‘Sophia’ and ‘Mommy’ perfectly without prompting.

And then there are milestones unique to some children. I remember clearly the first time Sophia held her own nebulizer for chest therapy. I finally had a few minutes of freedom to clean up the breakfast dishes or drink my coffee. I remember when she finally let me use nasal spray, without having it squirt into her eyes and hair with last-minutes dodges. Yesterday Sophia swallowed her first pill, using just a drink to wash it down. This is a momentous occasion. I don’t have to bring applesauce and a spoon everywhere I go! For the life of me I haven’t been able to find a small container that doesn’t leak sticky applesauce juice into my purse. During these moments I am as excited as I am with all of her other achievements- going to the potty by herself, her first word, the first time she caught the ball I threw at her (there were a lot of sore noses leading up to that one).

I’m still waiting for some other milestones to be reached… like the first time she doesn’t scream during her throat swab, and when she sits still for bloodwork… and I can’t wait for her to share and play with her brother, stand up on skates alone for the first time, ride her bike without training wheels.

Such is life, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. The ebb and flow of achievements and setbacks, but always progressing forward. Being a parent is a wonderful thing.


2 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. There is such beauty in everything you have written! I grew up watching how the parents of my best friend, who also had CF, cared for her ~ always with such grace and love even though I knew it couldn’t have been an easy task. Parents of CF children are just as strong and courageous as their kids ~ I take my hat off to you all. There is such beauty in celebrating the milestones ~ all of them!

  2. Being a parent is wonderful. I completely agree.

    Small smidget tupperware containers do not leak. Don’t know if that is still the name.

    Yep, I remember those pills & the applesauce vividly & there were a lot more pills in the 70’s – green pills. Took 30 minutes every morning to open those capsules into three small smidgets labelled breakfast, lunch & supper. A time saver at meals for me. Stored them in frig & then added the applesauce when the meal was ready. James & I struggled with those pills every meal because it tasted so bad. He will not eat applesauce to this day. I understand why completely.

    Was lucky with James as he took all those pills when he was 2 years & 5 months. When his brother was born & I was in the hospital for 5 days, Greg’s Mom got him taking his pills by playing the train game. It worked. Thank heavens!

    So much easier for him although taking all those pills was still not easy. Was such a time saver for me.

    Also brings back memories of the masking & how over time, he managed to cope with all this stuff.

    Take care,


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