I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.

Lessons from my children

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Children are pretty incredible little beings. There they are- so little, so dependent. Stuck in a world where all they see in a crowded room are pant legs and jackets. Groping desperately for mommy or daddy. We are their life line. Without us, they would starve for food, for love, for safety. And here we are- so big, so strong. We keep our little ones warm, comforted, sustained. We are so quick to judge when they cry or whine. They should know better. But really, why should they? These poor little creatures are just trying to get by. They desperately want their independence, but know it’s all the way on top of the coat rack. There’s no way they’re going to reach it, but they’re going to get that chair and stand on their tippy-toes trying to get there.

After a particularly rough parenting day/week, I feel so tired I could cry. If a blink lasts too long, see you tomorrow. What makes me so weary? Well, lots of things, but whining, screeching, bossiness, and a healthy dose of heel-dragging doesn’t help. When I get to feeling sorry for myself, I take a look at my desktop background picture (below) and I smile. How can I keep up my grumpiness for long when I see that grin? There’s a little guy who faces obstacles every minute of his life, but is always willing to share a smile. I could learn a thing or two from my little man. Even when ‘life might end’ (aka mommy didn’t let me stand in the middle of the dining room table), there’s always a game hiding around the corner. As long as I take the time to acknowledge the ‘unfairness’ of my actions, Simon will recover and be his jolly ol’ self within minutes.

By writing, by talking to friends, by leaning my head on my husband’s shoulder, I acknowledge my own feelings. Thank you Simon for teaching me to shake it off and get back to having fun.

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