I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.

Preschool Preparation


For the past 3.5 years I feel like I’ve been sheltering Sophia a bit, especially over the winter months. On the one hand, I would love for her to socialize with other kids all year. On the other hand, if she gets colds then her life becomes very limited. It’s a tough balance to find. Instead of 2 hours of chest therapy each day, this amount doubles.

Here’s a day in the life of Sophia is when she’s got the sniffles:

8-9am: Chest therapy

9-10am: Breakfast

10-11am: Play

11am-noon: Chest therapy

12:00-1pm: Snack/lunch

1-4pm: Nap

4-5pm: Chest therapy

5-6pm: Dinner

6-7pm: Play

7-8pm: Chest therapy

8pm: Snack/bedtime


As you can see, she only has two short play times in the day. It’s very difficult to get out of the house when Sophia is sick. During these weeks, Sophia doesn’t have time to attend any of her programs or have playdates. Neither does Simon.  I find myself wishing I was a few things…

1) Magical. Then my wand could zap the bacteria and virus’ before they reached my kids. I could also make dinner with a swish of my wand. Handy. Maybe I could also wear a cape or a pointy hat or something, and really embarrass my kids.

2) Psychic. I would know which playdates and programs had the fewest sick kids and plan my life around that. I could also win the lottery a few times before anyone got suspicious. If you were nice to me, I could help you win too.

3) Time traveler. I could just avoid winter all-together. I don’t like getting cold anyway. Also, my husband wouldn’t feel sad that he missed out on skiing for another season in a row. Sounds like a win-win.


Since I am stuck being a regular old human, I guess I just have to do what I can… like pack lots of hand sanitizer, educate the teachers/program leaders at the local community centre, talk to my friends before each playdate. Seems like good sense. Not as much fun as being magical though. That would be cool.

Sophia starts sports, art, music, and preschool next week. I’ve loaded up her schedule so we can get an idea of what she really likes doing, and I think she’s been itching to get out of the house more. Her favourite question these days is “And then where are we going?”.

I won’t give up my dreams of having super-human powers, but until I wake up with a cape under my pillow I will just keep doing my best.Image

2 thoughts on “Preschool Preparation

  1. This post made me giggle…and think too, as all your posts do. I have to admit, I felt kind of guilty as I read it, because I often feel the same way! Listening to the coughs during the night, wishing I could know how to dodge the viruses…and my kids don’t have CF! Your’re doing such a great job Katie. Love reading your blog and proud to say I actually know the Mom of the Year!!!

  2. Congrats on Mom of the Year Katie. We are all so proud of you!

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