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What a week!

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As I sit here thinking about how exhausted I am, and how much I am looking forward to sleep, I also feel the need to reflect on my last 9 days. While living them I have felt overwhelmed and dazed. It’s hardly even the beginning of the cold and flu season and I’m already tired of it. I remember feeling this way last year, and the year before, and I always seem to make it through. This year will be okay too. Everyone here has taken their turn battling some sort of flu. Simon, the poor little guy, had it the worst with both a cold and strep. Everyone is now on the mend, thank goodness.


I find that I get very self-focused during these times of cold and flu. I endure each hour without a thought for much else. How many times should we do chest physio today? How often will the kids cough and cry during the night? How many hours until I can give them more pain medication? I forget that there’s a world out there that’s pretty awesome. Now that I’m coming out of my stupor, that world is coming into focus. Some great things have happened this week…

Simon was sitting on a rocking Tigger toy. Sophia jumped on it behind him, gave him a hug and said “Hey mommy, this would make a great picture!” I’m glad I still have a vivid memory of that because before I got back with the camera both kids had fallen off and were piled in a heap on the floor.

Today I filled a bucket with water in the backyard for Simon to play with. He was throwing rocks in it and splashing around, having a great time. Oscar, our dog, came trotting over and took a drink from the bucket. Simon clearly thought this was a stellar idea, because immediately he was on all fours with his face in the water. After he took a big breath of water he looked up at me and started laughing.

Watching Sophia and Simon play chasing games is something to behold. They are both ridiculous and brilliant in their tactics. Sophia jogs in a slow circle around the house to give Simon a chance to catch up. Very sweet. Simon, on the other hand, heads in the opposite direction to cut her off before she rounds the bend. Cunning. Sophia moves quietly to sneak up on Simon. Clever. Simon emits a constant sound so that his voice bounces as he runs, and it feels good. Adorable.

I’m ready to face tomorrow. Life is good. Goodnight.

One thought on “What a week!

  1. It just shows that both kids are very much ‘bundles of energy and joy’.

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