I'm just a regular mom, figuring out life with my daughter Sophia, who has cystic fibrosis.Take this journey with me.

Olympic Dreams

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When we found out that Sophia has cystic fibrosis, some of my first questions were about physical exercise. Would my daughter be able to participate in gym classes? Would she have the endurance to go on long walks? Would she be able to keep up with her peers and play sports? The answer to all of those questions was an emphatic ‘yes’! But in small print, at the top-right-corner of that ‘yes,’ was an asterisk. I could hear it in the medical professional’s voice. “Well, she’ll never get to the Olympics, but she can and should play sports for her physical and lung health” was the explanation at the bottom of the page.

Having just watched 16 days of Olympics with Sophia, I started thinking about that remark. I heard it three and a half years ago, but it still echoes in my mind. Could Sophia make it to the Olympics? How big should our dreams be? Do my own thoughts need to have asterisks? I don’t know. But what I have figured out is that sometimes my thoughts have caveats hidden behind them. Like the bunny that hides in the clover in the middle of my backyard, these stipulations were quietly waiting to be discovered. Instead of allowing these asterisks to drag me down, I think I’ll expose them for what they are. They are unknowns. I will not allow them to stifle dreams. When Sophia and I were watching various sports she showed me how fast she can run, how high she can jump, and how far she can throw. You go girl!

One thought on “Olympic Dreams

  1. Katie, keep those dreams. None of us know what lies ahead in the future. Dreaming big will never be a negative in my book. Any child with “special needs’ always surprised me in school with what they were able to do. This was because the parents aimed as high as they could possibly aim. We are looking forward to seeing what Katie will achieve.

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